How We Sell Real Estate

It's 2020: Most Buyers Shop Online.


Video Reaches More Buyers

  1. We spend time with each of our sellers to identify and understand each property's best features.
  2. We highlight those attributes in our photo, video, and other engaging social media content.
  3. We use industry-leading technology and marketing strategies to target specific buyers who are shopping for properties with those features
  4. We place our videos on their phones, tablets, computers, and TVs 
  5. We receive thousands of views on each video we create to market your property
  6. We sell our listings in about half of the average time of comparable homes in the same neighborhood

Leave the work to us

As full-service Realtors, we're confident in pricing strategies, marketing your property, and helping you navigate the selling process from start to finish. And as humans, we understand that there are other parts of life that need your focus. Let us take care of selling your property while you tend to other important aspects of your life.

Check out the highest-priced homes available in our market below for photo & video quality reference.